Thursday, 26 August 2010

Latest Products!

And my absolutly NEWEST product with cool features and with only 2 Prims is only at 2 L$ for the next few weeks! Enjoy

Monday, 23 August 2010

Opening Items

These items have been made pre to this website opening. They can be viewed at my wall at NCI or on xstreet (links are below)

Purchase at my wall at NCI:Kuula (225,250,31)
On XStreet:Rachel Livadi Merchant Items

iLiving website open today!

iLiving creates a range of products from furniture and buildings to outdoor. It is important my myself that I keep prims to a minimum and prices affordable, to always succeed in getting the satisfaction that you expect from myself.

I, Rachel Livadi am the Owner of iLiving. I intend to keep building and improving products over time.

Creating satisfaction is very important to myself, so will always be here ready to help, give advice, or simply do a few alters to the products you purchase. So please do not hesitate to contact myself either via IM or notecard.

I have created this website so it is easy for you to see updates, improvements and latest news and events!

If you wish to follow me in Second Life, you can view my journal online at

I am excited about the future and hope you will be watching :)

Thank you!

Rachel Livadi